If you’re totally confused by content, you’re not alone.  
We hear these ALL THE TIME from small business owners and non profits:

  • “I don’t get much engagement on my posts.”
  • “How do I get more people to read my blog?”
  • “Not many people open our emails.”
  • “I’m scared to do a live video.”
  • “I never know what to post.”
  • “Making content takes way too long.”
  • “We don’t do marketing very well…but we can’t afford a marketer.”
  • “When I think of marketing I think….gaaaaahhhhh!”

We totally get it - we’re a small business too.

But the trick isn’t mastering the giant sphere of marketing…

It’s taking the fundamentals (that have been around forever) and adapting them for today - in a way that works for small operators.

Content Camp is designed specifically for you: to help you get more results from your DIY marketing in just 2 days.
"I have to tell you how AWESOME Content Camp was! I learned a ton, and really felt like it expanded my mind on what is possible." - Jan 2021 Content Camp attendee
Hands-on content practice and strategy.
Your digital content is a free, unabated avenue to YOU (unlike your paid advertising).

As an entrepreneur or non profit in 2021, digital content is a necessary element for growing your reach.

Content Camp will not only teach you the fundamentals of better, more engaging content, but you’ll get to practice writing and recording within our private group.

After just 2 days, you’ll be able to confidently:

  • Write more effective & engaging social media posts, blogs & emails

  • Create more professional-looking images & videos 

  • Implement a simple content schedule and workflow (it’s way easier than you think)

  • Relate and resonate with your audience in a much deeper, more impactful way - which turns followers into customers/donors

  • Lessen the stress and make content fun (because it should be…it’s about YOU!)

Most content courses just teach.

Content Camp will give you a rare opportunity to produce your own content, post it (privately) and get feedback.

And if you ever wanted to get over your fears of putting yourself out there, this is a rare chance to try it out in a safe, private space.

Don’t think about the process - think about the payoff!

"Since content camp a few weeks ago, I have been getting these powerful bursts of inspiration." - Jan 2021 Content Camp attendee
Meet your instructors.

At Groundswell Coworking (both the office space & the online membership experience), Jess has intentionally designed a safe environment for entrepreneurs and remote workers to explore and connect to their intuition, while also learning practical business and work habits that challenge traditional ideas of 'productivity' in order to make way for 'productive flow'.

As an Intuitive & Creative Business Coach with years of experience working with a variety of entrepreneurs, Jess has a keen awareness about the inner dialogue and belief systems that can reveal themselves whenever you challenge yourself to show up in bold, new, and more authentic ways than ever before.

An avid supporter and participant in local arts and culture, and active in community revitalization projects... nothing lights Jess up more than seeing people with a desire to impact the world step into the spotlight unapologetically.

A mega champion of the exploding world of flexible work life, Adam takes care of our beautiful coworking space in Simcoe, Ontario, creates digital content, flushes out our operations.

By trade, he's a professional copywriter and content creator (video & audio), a freelance voiceover talent, podcast producer and content writer (blogs, blurbs, bios etc.).

Before all that, Adam spent many years poking fun at the seriousness of life on the radio, broadcasting live sports, writing advertising and teaching kids the value of playing music.

On the side, he's part of a pretty groovy band called The Shrubberies (IG @theshrubberies) and a lifelong member of #BillsMafia.
Your 2-Day Content Camp Itinerary:
Content Production Day
Friday, June 25, 2021:  9am-3pm EST

9:00am | Content 101 + idea generation
11:30am | Lunch break
12:15pm | Guided, hands-on content creation + repurposing

Go from topic idea to polished post & supporting content!
Content Strategy Day
Saturday, June 26, 2021:  9am-12pm EST

9:00am | Debrief + takeaways
9:30am | Developing your unique content strategy
11:30am | Your power playbook

Walk away knowing exactly how to use your unique content style to achieve your goals!

Your 2-day pass: $97
*Exclusive Groundswell member price: $67
Click here for membership info.
BONUS: camp reunion! 🎉
Your Content Camp ticket comes with a FREE invitation to our live follow-up session, exclusively for Content Campers:

“Content Camp Reunion”
Monday, July 26th @ 9am EST

Get reunited with your fellow 'campers' a month later, and:

  • Ask follow up questions
  • Get feedback on your new content
  • Share your successes
  • Stay accountable
  • Brainstorm even bigger, better and EASIER content ideas
  • Strengthen your network (people become followers & friends at Content Camp!)
Your questions, answered:
Just to be clear, what do you mean by “content?” Content is all of your non-advertising stuff online: blogs, social media posts, newsletters, podcasts etc. It’s a huge part of marketing that is based more on “engaging/informing/entertaining” your audience than “selling” to them. We go deeper on the different types of content inside Content Camp.

How is Content Camp different from other digital content courses? Other content and marketing courses tend to involve way more work and bandwidth than small business owners and non profits typically have (we’re in the same boat as you). So we’ve simplified things down to the fundamentals and a more workable strategy for the small, DIY operation.

Once I sign up, how do I attend Content Camp? Once you’ve purchased your ticket, you’ll receive a confirmation email (and reminders) which will include a schedule and Zoom link to attend the 2-day course. You will also receive an invitation to join a private Facebook Group accessible only to current Content Camp attendees, which will be used as our “practice” area for producing content and sharing feedback.

I’d LOVE to attend but can’t be there live. Will there be a replay? Yep! You ticket includes access to all replays and our private FB group where you can post your practice pieces, get feedback and give feedback to others. Replays (downloadable) and FB group will be available for 3 months after June 26th.

Do I need to bring anything or have anything prepared in advance? Nope. Just a notepad and a pencil (and water, cause hydration is key…and yes there will be breaks).

I feel I’m already pretty good at content. Will Content Camp still help me? Very likely. We cover a lot in 2 days from our very experienced, professional backgrounds. You’ll be able to turn pretty good into awesome for less than $100. Sound worth it?

Will Content Camp help me get over my nervousness of putting myself out there? Yes. Yes. YES!! We’ve seen people petrified to go on video break through at Content Camp and get that first one out of the way. Remember: it’s a closed, private group of people here to help each other and cheer you on! You may never get a chance to safely practice like this again.

Will Content Camp help me understand Instagram and LinkedIn better? Sort of. At Content Camp, we don’t focus on any one digital platform specifically, simply because they change all the time. The beauty of Content Camp is that it covers the fundamentals of engaging content that will very much improve the quality of everything you post, everywhere!

Can I request a specific area of content that I need help with? Yep! We’ll try our best to cover it during our BONUS Content Camp Reunion event on Monday, July 26th.

I’d LOVE to attend but not sure I can afford $97 right now. Totally understandable. But consider two things: 1) Imagine how little it will take for this investment to pay off and provide return? 2) If now just isn’t the time, no sweat. This isn’t the first, or last, Content Camp here at Groundswell. Keep following us for the next one!

I have other questions I’d like to discuss about Content Camp. Absolutely! Feel free to contact us directly anytime at
You’re in a content-driven world. 
The people you're trying to reach are constantly scrolling and searching for where to use their money next.

Great content is your direct connection to them.

If content has been a challenge for you, Content Camp will help you easily create more engaging and powerful content in just 2 days.

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